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Phillies Trade Action!!! 🙂


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Bad Trades

Hi! Well…Today I’m gonna talk about…Bad Trades! The #1 bad trade is pretty obvious. But! I’ll say it anyway………


#1.   Trading Cliff Lee to Seattle for Roy Halladay in 3-way trade.


OH MY GOD! I thought I was gonna cry when I heard this!


Seriously? That’s like one of the only times I call the Phillies stupid.

And that was our segment called Bad Trades! Bye!

WOW. Last night’s game was horrible.Our bats stunk, but our pitching wasn’t that bad by Joe Blanton. SO the Phillies are down 3-1. My favorite player, Brad Lidge game into the game, got the first 2 outs, and BAM just like that he gives up 3 runs!!!!!!!!!!!!! UHHH …can’t we ever get a break in this series?!?!? Anyway maybe we can because Cliff Lee (THE ACE) can do well and AJ Burnett does HORRIBLE..and maybe send it back to New York!!!

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Why the Yankees stink

Anybody who saw the NY  Post……EWW!!!!!! THIS IS WHY I HATE THE YANKEES AND NY FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid Yankee people!!! ANYWAY…..WE BETTER BEAT THE YANKEES, OR we are going to get SO MUCH crap from the stupid NYY fans!!!!!!! And there is also another World Series……..BETWEEN THE PHILLIES FANS AND YANKEES FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!